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NC (New Century) embodies our commitment to ushering in a new era of technology and battery prosperity. Our brand, NC, has been in the market since our company's establishment, more than 30 years. Our primary focus is on crafting batteries that are durable, efficient, and long-lasting, all without compromising on quality.

The NC brand represents our philosophy in battery production. We position our brand as functional, prioritizing practical aspects of our products to address our customers' specific needs and requirements. Rather than emphasizing luxury, status, or emotional gratification, we concentrate on delivering reliable solutions without any nonsense decoration.

Customers who have purchased our products before often return for more, understanding the inherent value our brand offers. They perceive it as a worthwhile investment, knowing that our batteries provide lasting benefits that align with their needs.

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Cast On Strap (COS)

Precision Unleashed: Elevate Your Expectations with Our Cutting-Edge Cast on Strap Machine

Intercell Welding

Impressive Innovation: Unveiling the Power of Intercell Welding Technology in Our Production Line

100% Inspection

Quality Unleashed: Ensuring Excellence with 100% Inspection in Our Precision

Why trust our company?

Our OEM services are trusted globally, establishing us as the go-to for reliability and performance. We've produced numerous high-end and well-known brands across various countries and continents. With over 100 brands from more than 30 countries, our track record speaks volumes about our quality and performance, recognized at a world-class standard.

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