Export Warranty and Claim Policies for Automotive Batteries

Last updated: 3 Apr 2024
Export Warranty and Claim Policies for Automotive Batteries

Terms of Guarantee:

We provide a warranty against material or production defects, which occur during one year from the date of sale or starting of service, whatever is sooner, but not more than three years from the date of shipment as stated in the Bill of Lading.

This warranty does not cover the following:
 Acts of nature and accident
 Discharged batteries that can be recharged and returned to service
 A battery of a different size than the battery recommended by the

manufacturer of product or vehicles makers in which it is installed
 Damage due to charging system failure, negligence, abuse, accident,

improper installation, or freezing
 Any causes that proven not from material or production defects

Each and every defected battery claim requested must present with the following information from authorized dealer or importer:

Battery details (Model, Production code, Date of sale, Date of return)
Cause of defects
Testing information (Voltage, specific gravity and temperature before and after charging, Load testing value, etc.)
Application of batteries
Any other relevant information
Fail to
reserved the right of our final decision of accepting or refusing of claim as final.
provide all necessary information might cause rejection of claim. We, then,
Replacement of new battery:

Any defected battery that proved cause by material or production will be replaced with the new battery free of charge. However, the replacement will only be included with the new shipment of batteries as allowance. We reserve the right not to ship the replaced battery separately in any mean of transport without shipment of normal order batteries.

In any other circumstances, whatsoever, the replacement of defected batteries in other term than what stated above must be considering case by case. We reserve the right to finalize our decision on mode of replacement as final.

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